Dan John has joined us at CrossfitNRG to introduce a new 40 Day Workout Challenge.  It not only encompasses 5 basic strengthening moves but also inserts progressions and correctives for each of the areas.  It is a moderate to intensive workout that is done for 40 days that will strengthen as well as correct imbalances and improve limitations.  For two days we worked on the various progressions that can be applied and inserted  into any type of workout:  KB, Crossfit WOD, Lifting, rehab, etc.  The progressions can be selected for specific areas such as push, pull, hinge, and squat; they can crossover to address several moves at once.  They are excellent for enhancing all basic movements that everyone should be able to do; movement that we need in every day activities.  It is wonderful for improving thorasic mobility and rotary stability.  What a mouthful!  We all need this to keep active and to improve health.  I find that this furthers my arsenal of  knowledge that I can pass along to my clients in their workout sessions.  Thank you, Dan.  I have started the challenge!

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